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Tunbridge Wells Climbing Outdoors

Tunbridge Wells Outdoor Climbing

Chimera offer a range of courses and lessons for anyone wishing to learn how to climb outside on real rock. Tunbridge Wells is ideally positioned close to the Southern Sandstone crags of Harrison’s Rocks, Happy Valley and Stone Farm (in East Grinstead) and is therefore a great place to give rock climbing a try.

As well as bouldering, these local crags are where you can learn to top rope - but climbing here requires special consideration to ensure the fragile rock isn’t damaged for future generations. That is why it is a good idea to have a lesson and make sure you are setting up your top rope correctly.

Kidds Sessions Climbing


Chimera offer holiday clubs outdoors once school breaks up, a fun, action-packed way to keep children entertained and enthralled.

As well as climbing and bouldering, the little rascals can scramble through caves and tunnels, whilst the teenagers can learn to belay and practice their rope work.

The holiday clubs last 2hrs. Please email to learn more.

Chimera also run bouldering birthday parties outdoors - a two-hour fun-filled session, perfect for any little monkey. A whistle-stop tour of the beautiful boulders, caves and caverns of Harrison's Rocks in Groombridge, interspersed with fun games and challenges. Hassle-free, healthy entertainment. This outside rock climbing experience is the perfect party and guaranteed to rock your child's world.

Please note, the course will still go ahead in light rain, but if the weather is severe you will need to contact the centre as it may be rescheduled.

Adult Courses Climbing Outside


Chimera run various rock climbing courses outside on the local Sandstone. They cover everything you need to know - climbing knots, rope work, climbing technique and how to use the rock correctly and safely.

Run by qualified instructors who have been climbing on the sandstone for many years, these are a fun way to take you through all the steps you need to go out on the rocks with your friends.

To find out more, please email: