Christmas shopping for climbers

October 13, 2022
Perfect Christmas shopping for Climbers in Tunbridge Wells

We know it is only October, the sun is still shining and Christmas feels a long way off.

But it is going to be here before we know it so if you want to get ahead and think about what to get the climber in your life, read on...

Membership vouchers

Whether you want to buy a one-off voucher, get your loved one a taster class or an entry to our social, or splash out on a month of unlimited climbing so they start the year right, all of these and more can be purchased directly from our website.

climbing gift chalk

Chalk bags

Chalk is a must for most climbers year-round, and so they all need their own bag or bucket. Whether they want to make a statement, support an eco-friendly brand, or go whacky and have a small furry creature for company, we have a whole array of options here in our shop.

climbing gift therapy bands


From Smell Wells, the brilliant little sachets that go inside climbing shoes to reduce the inevitable pong, to thera bands for warming up and working out those niggles and of course, chalk. There are plenty of smaller gifts that are incredibly useful in our shops, and will keep any climber pretty happy with their lot in life.


If you are looking for a bigger present, shoes are always a good option. The only thing is sizing them can be tricky, so either sneak around and check the size they already have, or make sure you talk to us and we’ll do the best we can to help. One thing to be aware of is that a street shoe five is not a climbing shoe five, and there is no consistency from brand to brand so this is one present that needs some input from the pros.

climbing gift books

Guide Books

Believe it or not, there is a world of climbing outside of Chimera. And if you’re loved one is making a new year’s resolution to get outside more, they’ll need a proper guide book with grade lists, photos and descriptions of the routes to make sure they don’t accidentally stray from an easy to a monstrous hard climb.

Bouldering Pads

If they have been outdoors and loved it, then they need their own pad. Climbing outside can be fun and safe provided you have the best matting underneath you, and for that you need a boulder pad. Part mattress, part sofa, it’s a lumpy bit of kit but one no serious boulderer would be without.

climbing gift tape

Other ideas

If they have all gear (and hopefully some idea) then your next options are private lessons to hone in on specific techniques and get them over a plateau if they have been climbing awhile, sports massage vouchers (we can recommend our favourite practitioners if wanted), bath salts, deep heat and a beanie for when they want to climb topless – yes, that’s a thing...

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