New Classes Starting the Autumn

September 16, 2021
New Classes Starting This Autumn
Ahhh those heady summer days of lounging outside at the rocks, idly slapping at the odd mosquito and watching your friend try their project on a seemingly endless loop. Sadly, with the light drawing in and the rain spells becoming more frequent, those summer days have passed for another year.

But instead of longing for days gone by, look to the immediate future and a real opportunity to lay the foundation work for your climbing projects next year.

Whether you’ve been climbing for years, or are slightly newer to the scene, getting some coaching whether it be strength and conditioning, technique classes or more specialised finger work can really transform your climbing and take you to the next level. Start now, and by spring you’ll be amazed at your progress.

Finger strength

Aimed at those who have been climbing a while but are noticing that their finger strength is starting to be a limiting factor. If you feel you are ready to begin finger boarding but have no idea where to start, these classes are for you. Along with finger boarding do’s and definitely do not’s, there will be an in-depth look into crimping and sloper techniques and some handy (pun not intended) pointers into the best way to grasp certain holds.

Monday 8.40pm - £8

HIIT and Circuits

Lunchtime classes for those who want a structured workout alongside their climbing. Climb before or after, the choice is yours but prepare to get sweaty as PT Marisa puts you through your paces with an all-body workout.

Circuits – Monday 12.30pm £8
HIIT – Friday 12pm £5

Technique drop ins

Fancy improving your technique but no idea where to start? Or perhaps your rock overs are solid but back flags are more of a mystery? Either way, our technique drop in sessions could be just what the Doctor ordered. Focussing on a different technique each week, you’ve never been climbing too long to go back to basics.

Tuesday 8.30pm - £8

Yoga for Climbers

Sandra Berlin now has availability for private yoga slots for climbers who need help with flexibility. From gentle ways to work your core, breathing techniques and even a schooling in staying in the moment, Sandra’s yoga classes are really beneficial for any climbers, or anyone who needs an hour of self-care.

Tuesday 10am - £35

Ladies Night

An opportunity to climb without those pesky boys trying to give you all the beta. Good vibes only, this class is all about having fun, picking up some technique and using the wall to build strength. Bring your best can-do attitude, and plenty of psych.

Tuesday 8.30pm – price TBC

Strength and Conditioning

Key to any climber upping their performance is a strong base from which to work. While many climbers might come for the social scene (and who can blame them), if you are willing to put the work in off the wall, the results will follow on it. From TRX sessions to straight up core workouts, there is plenty that can be achieved off the wall to aid performance on it.

TBC – Contact us to learn more

(Class cost is in addition to entry fees)

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