The Chimera Crew's 2023 bucket list

December 6, 2022
The Chimera Crew's 2023 bucket list

We said we weren’t big on new year, new you stuff around here and we meant it. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have goals for the year ahead – and for most of us, these are focussed on specific climbs we want to send or crags we want to visit.

A few of us have more performance-based goals though, so if you need some inspiration or are just plain curious as to what the Chimera crew will be up to over the next 12 months, then read on...

Marisa – My biggest goal for 2023 is to get back to Font for an extended trip. I don’t have any routes or grades in mind, I just want to spend time somewhere I love, climb some of the most beautiful rock going and enjoy every second of it.

Amber – Baggy Point is back on my wish list for 2023. It is so stunning there, and in the UK in general – we have so much good rock. Plus Baggy has some epic route names too. Cheesegrater Cliff? Has to be done.

Freddy – I last climbed in Hueco Tanks was in 2019 and I sent my first 8a. I’ve heading back there soon, with a few projects in mind. Trying hard, putting my winter training to good use and hopefully getting 8b are on the cards. If not, I'll be able to assess any weaknesses and adjust my training plans to suit.

Hamish - Morocco is on the dream list for next year. There’s so much good rock there, and big wall adventures to be had. Who wouldn’t want to go on a trip where you can climb until you wreck your hands and then spend the last few days surfing. Sounds like the dream to me.

Sam – North Wales. I spent some time up there last summer and loved it. Such a good variety of rock and climbing styles, really good people, good vibes. Climb hard, more sport for sure then jam to some music in the evening. That’s the goal, that and sorting out my skin. I wear through my tips so fast!

Lance – My performance goal is to consistently climb in the 7’s indoors, and start projecting 7a outdoors. I’ve also got a trip back to St Bees planned, it’s a brilliant bouldering location on the coast up in the lakes. The rock is some of the best I’ve climbed, it’s right on the seafront and just so much fun on a sunny day.

Becky – I'd like 2023 to not feature any injuries or operations to be honest! Other than that, as much time outside as possible. Bosigran Ridge has been on the list for five years now, I’d like to get back to Arbroath too as the last time I ventured there it started raining – thank you Scotland. So, staying fit and healthy is the first goal and go from there...

Nikki – Although bouldering is still my favourite, having spent a bit of time on ropes this year I’d definitely like to do some more sport outside. But first and foremost, I want to get back to Font and also up to the Peaks for some bouldering. Then if I feel strong and tick a few projects, maybe I’ll start looking at Portland and think of a few challenges down there.

Loren – I need mileage outdoors to improve, so my 2023 goals are just to spend as much time on the rock as possible, here, there and everywhere. Hopefully if we get a good spring, Harrison’s and Bowles will be on the cards and then further afield. First though I need to buy some new shoes – mine have holes in them!

Danny – My goal for next year is to... Actually climb.

So, there you have it – lots of adventures in the UK and a few braver souls are planning epic trips abroad. Watch this space as we’ll bring you all the news of any big ticks, advice on how to safely plan your own adventures and plenty of photographic inspiration across the next twelve months.

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