Climbing at Eridge Rocks

August 2, 2022
Climbing at Eridge Rocks In Tunbridge Wells

Photo credit Daimon Beail

If you missed the update from Southern Sandstone Climbs, there has been an update on climbing at Eridge and it is mostly good news.

Climbing at Eridge rocks has always been a privilege, not a right. And it was a privilege the local climbing community lost in 2020 due to extensive damage to the rock.

The good news is that climbing is now allowed at Eridge. But it is limited, and failure to observe the rules put in place will result in access being taken away again.

The main takeaways from the new agreement are:

  • Climbing here should only be undertaken by experienced sandstone climbers
  • Absolutely no chalk products are allowed
  • No brushes of any kind allowed
  • There are only four permitted areas in which you can climb
  • These are clearly marked by wooden sign posts
  • Greenery is not to be removed

The permitted climbing areas are detailed on the Southern Sandstone Climbs website and can be viewed here.

An awful lot of people have put many hours into gaining local climbers limited access, and there is always the potential for further positive updates if the new rules are followed.

Eridge boasts some fantastic rock in a stunning setting, so for those of you with plenty of experience, enjoy but please look after the sandstone there.

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