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Adult Climbing Tunbridge Wells Climbing Classes

ADULT climbing lessons

We offer a whole range of lessons to suit – whether you need a taster session to get you going, or an in-depth look at a particular technique in a private lesson. We can also offer longer term blocks of classes for those who want a more comprehensive helping hand with technique, to advance from beginner to intermediate and ever upwards.

Have a look below at the current classes on offer at Tunbridge Wells or head to our booking page if you know what you’d like to choose.

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Bouldering Lessons Tunbridge Wells Climbing Classes

First Timer Taster Class

If you haven’t climbed before, booking on to a taster class is a really good way to get an introduction to the world of bouldering. The one-hour session will be led by a friendly instructor, who will give you some hints and tips on basic technique, point you in the direction of which wall is which and help you understand the colour grading systems.

The best part? Meeting other first-timers whilst having plenty of laughs.

At just £20 for entry, shoe hire and the instruction this is a brilliant way to get started – and after that, you will hopefully be a climbing convert for life.

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Finger strength - Mondays 8.40pm - £8 plus entry fee

Aimed at those who have been climbing a while but are noticing that their finger strength is starting to be a limiting factor. If you feel you are ready to begin finger boarding but have no idea where to start, these classes are for you.

Along with finger boarding do’s and definitely do not’s, there will be an in depth look into crimping and sloper techniques and some handy (pun not intended) pointers into the best way to grasp certain holds.

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Technique drop ins - Tuesday 8.30pm - £8 plus entry fee

Fancy improving your technique but no idea where to start? Or perhaps your rock overs are solid but back flags are more of a mystery? Either way, our technique drop in sessions could be just what the Doctor ordered.

Focussing on a different technique each week, you’ve never been climbing too long to go back to basics.

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HIIT – Friday 12pm - £5 plus entry fee if climbing

Lunchtime classes for those who want a structured workout alongside their climbing. Climb before or after, the choice is yours but prepare to get sweaty as PT Marisa puts you through your paces with an all-body workout.

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Friday Night Social – Friday 7.30pm - £14

A fun hour led by a local instructor of getting to know the centre, tips and tricks to get you going along with a brilliant opportunity to make friends and meet people to climb with. Laughs guaranteed, the social kicks off at 19:30 and is just £14 for entry and shoe hire.

No previous experience is required, all abilities welcome.

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Private sessions

If you’d like to learn on a one to one basis, or you have a specific area you’d like some help with, a private session would be the perfect way to improve. These last for one hour and are taken by qualified instructors – please feel free to call or email in your requirements so we can match you with the right instructor. Or if you just want an overview of the basics, then click the link below to book onto a session.

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Yoga for Climbers - with Sandra Berlin

Chimera are offering private yoga sessions tailored for climbers who need help improving flexibility, loosening up tight muscles and working on their breathing and relaxation techniques.

Sandra Berlin is an extremely experienced 500hrs YA accredited yoga teacher and qualified Climbing Coach, and understands better than most the muscle groups that climbers predominantly use and thus where to focus her attentions during the class. Not only will the deep stretches work those tired muscles, but the breathing work can be transferred back to the wall and help you stay focussed and calm when next climbing.

At one hour long these are the perfect length to really engage with both mind and body, and are guaranteed to leave you in a far more relaxed state.

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Private Hire Climbing Climbing Classes

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Chimera Tunbridge Wells is available for private hire after hours on Saturday and Sunday evenings - please to learn more.