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Re-Setting Routes

re-setting routes

We take down the problems on one wall every week. This wall is ‘stripped’ on a Thursday and then the new routes are set on a Friday, ready to be released to the public that evening. That way there are always some new bouldering problems to try every week, from beginner routes through to advanced.

These are set by a mixture of in-house staff and guest setters, so there is always a variety of styles to try. The different walls all pose different challenges and work contrasting strengths and weaknesses, so it is always worth giving the new set a go even if it is not your ‘favourite’ wall.

We are always looking to improve so if there was a route or move you particularly liked, or a guest setter who you rate, let us know on insta or facebook!

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Events & schedules

view our calendar to see special routes activity

The route setting calendar is currently unavailable due to technical issues but if you would like to know which wall is being set this week, please ask at reception. The calendar will be back up and running soon.

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