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Re-Setting Routes

re-setting routes

We take down the problems or “blocs” on multiple sections every week. We strip, wash and set on a Wednesday and a Friday with the aim for all the blocs to be open to the public by 3pm. Each set has a range of difficulties from beginner through to advanced.

These are set mainly by our in-house route setting team. There is always a variety of styles to try. The different walls all pose different challenges and work contrasting strengths and weaknesses, so it is always worth giving the new set a go even if it is not your ‘favourite’ wall.

We are always looking to improve so if there is a route or move you particularly like, or a setter who you rate, let us know on Instagram or Facebook!

Setting Rotation

We set on a seven-week rotation with the first six weeks being the main bouldering downstairs and week seven being the sport board.

Added extras!

Week 6: an extra 9 formidable blocs of 7a and above spread throughout the centre.
Week 7: along with the sport board a variety of pink and green blocs are set throughout the centre, all based on specific techniques.


All of the blocs at both centres are uploaded into an easy to use app called Toplogger. You can download the app, and use it to track your progress at Chimera Tunbridge Well and Chimera Canterbury.

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